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Flight Dispatchers prepare the flight plans, taking into account aircraft performance and loading, enroute weather, airspace restrictions and Airport conditions. They notify the pilots accordingly and conduct other duties required from the airline’s operational manual.

Given the data that careers in the aviation industry are projected to increase between 2016 and 2026 (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the job market for Flight dispatchers are also expected to grow.


In this article, we will talk about the 4 steps to attain a European Flight Dispatch Training Certificate offered at the ASISTIM Academy (Germany).


What is the required certification/license to be a flight dispatcher?

In most cases, a dispatcher must be certified by the aviation authority of the country in which they operate or have a base of operations, such as the DGCA in India FAA/DOT in the United States.

In Germany the dispatcher license is approved by the German Civil Aviation Authority (LBA Luftfahrt Bundesamt), however it is not mandatory to have the license, unlike the US to work as a flight dispatcher. Nevertheless, it is helpful to attain a certificate /license when starting out a career in the field of aviation.


1. Meet the minimum Qualification Requirements

- Students must be at least 18 years old.

- Students have to fulfill the minimum requirements for Mathematics, Physics and English.

- Students must be self-disciplined.


The minimum requirements for Mathematics, Physics and English can be achieved through the German High School Diploma (Abitur) or through an online exam provided from ASISTIM Academy. Students who have worked in airline operations for a number of years do not have to take the exam. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the minimum requirements.


2. Enroll in the Flight Dispatch Training program

The ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy training programs have been specially designed for flight dispatchers and flight operations officers according to the Competencies-Based Training in the ICAO recommendations Doc. 10106 to maintain the highest level of quality standard.


Class size

Class size is a major factor in student learning. In ASISTIM Academy, we try to maintain smaller classes, so you can benefit from quality trainings and interactions with our trainer.

  • Maximum Class Size: 10 Students
  • Minimum Class Size: 4 Students


Class forms

  • On-site classroom training where the trainer can go to your facility,
  • Virtual training is offered and is based on a leading international e-learning software platform, allowing -quality standards and safety.
  • Classroom Trainings at us headquarter in Hanover, Germany.


Your areas of study may include:   

Flight planning and -monitoring

Human Performance and Limitations


Air Law

Aircraft General Knowledge / Airframes & Systems / Electrics/ Powerplant

Instruments /     Mass & Balance

Flight Performance

General Navigation / Radio Navigation

Operational Procedures OPS

Principles of Flight

VFR and IFR-Communications

3. Get trained and fulfil requirements

At ASISTIM we can help you find the right training that suits your needs. Whether you are starting out in the industry and would like to increase your chances of getting a job in the aviation field, or if you are working as a fight dispatcher and need the refresher course which complies with the IOSA audit requirements, we can offer consultations according to your needs.

Many companies also need tailored trainings which is better suited towards their immediate operational needs, which can also be arranged.



Following are some of our most popular courses:

3-1 Initial Training Flight Dispatch

The Initial Training Flight Dispatch course is suitable for people who are new to the field of aviation and are keen to start a career as a Flight Dispatcher.

The course covers fundamental knowledge for individuals, read here for more information about the course.

  • Duration: 160 hours over 4 weeks
  • Test: At the end of each topic, there is a written exam, requiring 75% to pass.



The DISPATCH REFRESHER PROGRAM is designed for Flight Operation Officers to refresh their knowledge. The program is in accordance to the ICAO doc 10106 and

Often times, flight dispatchers from airline companies attend ASISTIM’s refresher training to fulfil the IOSA audit requirements.

In ASISTIM Academy, we have made it possible for companies to arrange the refresher training in three different modules (A, B, C), a week each.
This enables airlines to train their staff adequately without having to compromise the company work flow.

  • Duration: 120 hours over 3 weeks
  • Test: At the end of each topic, there is a written exam, requiring 75% to pass.


4. Receive your Course Completion Certificate

After the challenging and intense training with the attendance of the minimum of 80%, with all required exams passed, you can finally receive the training certificate from ASISTIM.

Since ASISTIM Academy is an accredited Dispatch Training Academy by the German CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and in many other countries, the value and recognition from the ASISTIM certificate is well known in the industry.

The certificate will contain the title and hours of your training, as well as the syllabus that had been taken and the issued date.


These 4 steps can help you can get closer to achieving your goal to become a Flight dispatcher, or refresh your skills as required at your job.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions feel free to talk to us, we will be happy to help!