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Advanced Flight Dispatch

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This short, intesive, practical, highly specialized and comprehensive course will improve the flight dispatcher's perception of his work.

Course Background

Beyond the usual daily flight planning tasks flight dispatchers are occasionally confronted with special flights and special situations. By NOTAM restricted Airports, inflight reclearences, special weather phenomena, NAT/ETOPS traffic and more are part of this course. One focus is an interactive session and dialogue with the instructor to be prepared for any of such events and occurrences and not to be overwhelmed with the situation.


Day 1:

  • Intensive program of refreshing topics.
  • EASA Air OPS Minima, T/O and Dest Actual
  • Enroute and Alternate Planning
  • Differences to US (FAR)
  • Weather Phenomena: Fog, TS, Wind
  • METAR/TAF/Snowtam decoding (Including PROB/TEMPO, what is a limiting factor, differences EU, US, Russia...)
  • NOTAM restrictions (GS u/s, ILS u/s. etc.)

Day 2:

  • Practical Examples
  • Weather at Dest ok, Alternate ok
  • Weather at Dest below, Alternates ok
  • Weather at Dest below, Alternate ok, 2nd Alternate below
  • NOTAM restricted flightplanning
  • Inflight RCL

All students will achieve a certificate after passing the exam by 80% or more and the course completion.