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This two-week course is designed for newcomers and career changers who are assigned to crew operations as crew controllers and / or crew planners.

This training program includes the basics of the main topics for crew-operational management. In addition to the theoretical expertise, practical application examples as well as agile working methodologies are taught.

The training content is aligned with the specific task and requirement profiles of each crew controller as well as crew planner and includes the theoretical basic training in accordance with the legal requirements of EASA.


Introduction / Overview job profile, Airline Organization, Flight Time Regulations (in accordance to EASA ORO.FTL), Rest Periods, Fatigue Risk Management, Task Management Crew Contact / Crew Control, Task Management Crew Planning , Airline Software AIMS for Crew Management
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Course Goal

The objective of this course is to prepare the participants for the versatile and challenging tasks within the Crew Operations department in order to ensure the balance between internal operator needs, the guarantee of the legal framework and crew satisfaction in the daily operations business.
The training course provides the basic foundation and equips participants with a profound and professional toolbox.

Introduction / Overview job profile

As an introduction, an overview and description of the responsibilities and the requirements of the task profile in the daily work of a crew controller and crew planner is given.

Airline Organization

Description and explanation of the internal department-specific organizational structure within the operational division of an Airline, Aviation and Flight Operations Department.

Flight Time Regulations / Rest Periods

(in accordance to EASA ORO.FTL)
Training of the theoretical knowledge base of the legal requirements for planning, administration and compliance with the flight duty and rest time regulations according to the ORO.FTL EASA regulation.

Fatigue Risk Management

Crew planning basics for the implementation of the Fatigue Risk Management within the duty roster design and control of the daily crew-operational framework.

Task Management Crew Contact / Crew Control, Task Management Crew Planning

Practical guide as a basis for the successful completion of the tasks as crew controller / crew planner in preparation for the daily operational business.

Airline Software AIMS for Crew Management

Demonstration and explanation of the airline software AIMS and its applications for crew management.


The challenging ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy training programs fulfill all regulatory requirements.

The programs are based on the ICAO recommendations laid down in Annex 6, Part 1, Chapters 3, 4 and 10-Doc.10106 and fulfill the EASA Regulations ORO.GEN.110(c). 

The License Program also meets the requirements of the German Civil Aviation Authority (LBA) according to the regulations laid down in the German LufPersV. 


All training programs of the ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy are offered as On-site trainings at the customers facilities, at the ASISTIM training facilities in Germany, or as a virtual class room training via the ASISTIM on-line training platform.

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