FOO Training
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This intensive course will give performance engineers, pilots or flight dispatchers a deep insight into special performance situations.

Course Background

This course provides detailed examples with practical interaction between the instructor and

students. As computer based performance calculations often not reveal the true challenges of aircraft performance, this course gives you an intensive training in determining aircraft

performance from the OM Part B. In addition dispatcher, pilots and engineers will be confronted with special scenarios (e.g.: Special Airports, Departures, MA, steep turn) that challenges their knowledge.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for this course is 420,-EUR excluding tax.

  • Pavement Limitations, ACN/PCN system
  • Maneuverability on RWYs, TWYs and Apron
  • RWY Contamination and the affect on T/O and Landing
  • Climb out procedures and affects for departures on special airports
  • Arrival procedures on special airports, required approach climb gradients in combination with procedure turns. Landing distances under tailwind conditions. (Single landing direction)
  • Drift down situations over high terrain based on: 1 engine out performance / loss of altitude capability in combination with emergency drift down / escape procedures based on oxygen requirements.
Who should attend
  • Performance Engineers
  • Flight Dispatchers
  • Pilots / Co-Pilots