FOO Training
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This short, intensive, practical, highly specialized and comprehensive course should improve the

flight dispatcher‘s perception of the work he provides to the pilot.

Course Background

Special knowledge is required to plan US Flights, as a lot of regulations apply. ASISTIM has tailored a training specially for this case. After the dispatcher has successfully attended the course, US Flight Plans won´t be a problem anymore.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for this course is 420,-EUR excluding tax.

  • Flightplanning: TSA Waiver, eAPIS, Routes, FPL Filing, FSS
  • Entry Requirements: Custom Rules forDeparture and Arrival, Special Custom Regulations, Standard Custom Procedures
  • Regulations (FAR Part 91 and 135): private vs. commercial, within the USA and Regulation status
  • Permits: Customs Bond, Foreign Air Carrier Permit, Visa Waiver Program etc., how to obtain
Who should attend
  • Flight Dispatchers