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Flight Dispatch School in Brussels

As the Corona regulations have eased, the recovery of the airline industry has been fast and is actually having a hard time catching up with the demand.

Companies are desperately seeking to hire Flight dispatchers, but they are also keen on hiring individuals who have the best credentials and skills due to the fact that Flight dispatchers are a crucial part of the flight operations.

Airlines also need to keep their flight dispatchers trained accordingly in order to satisfy the IOSA audit requirements.


As one of the best training centers in Europe, ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy has been established since 2007 and has since trained over 1700 students.

We offer in-house training at our academy situated in Hannover, Germany with state-of-the-art modern facility. But we also offer Virtual training for students worldwide, as well as send our trainers directly to our airline customers to train their staff on their own premises.

One of the strongest points that our customers have chosen us is because ASISTIM has been approved by the German CAA and other countries as an organization for training flight dispatchers.


Due to these reasons, we have had the honor to train the Belgium Airforce at our facility in Hannover with the Initial Flight Dispatch Trainings and will continue with our long-term training partnership.

As ASISTIM has extensive experience offering trainings which fulfill the requirements of the IOSA audit, we offer Initial trainings for prospective flight dispatchers and Refresher trainings for experienced flight dispatchers and more.


Contact us if you would like to know more about flight dispatch trainings from ASISTIM.


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