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Flight Dispatch School in Malaysia

In the wake of the two-year corona crisis, Malaysia’s connections to the Asia Pacific region has grown the fastest over the last five year. It is forecasted under current conditions, that the market will grow by 127% in the next 20 years, according to studies done by IATA.

Nevertheless, the aviation industry faces considerable challenges and risks ahead. From battling recessions triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic to government regulations, labor shortage, there are countless issues the airline sector in particular has been facing and is likely to continue on.

Among the issues, the first apparent difference is the reduced number of employees. A large number of staffs have left the industry, taking with them years of expertise and hard-won skills.
As airlines face the challenge to quickly hire employees such as flight dispatchers to keep up with the severe staff shortage, it has been a struggle to hire new staff with competence.

The time required to recruit, train, complete security / background checks, and perform other necessary processes before staff are “job-ready” is presenting a challenge for the industry in 2022. In some cases, employment delays may act as a constraint on an airline’s ability to meet passenger demand.

In countries where the economic recovery from the pandemic has been swift and the unemployment rate is low, tight labor markets and skill shortages are likely to contribute to upward pressure on wages.

For instance in Malaysia, The average flight dispatcher gross salary is reported RM113,491 or an equivalent hourly rate of RM55.(according to ERI’s salary Expert).

ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy provides standard and customized training sessions at every level, whether you are new to aviation or if you are an experienced flight dispatcher.

Established in 2008, ASISTIM is an approved flight dispatch training organization from the German CAA as well as the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

Our headquarter is located in Hannover Germany, where we have trained students from all around the world. Students can also attend our courses through our virtual platform, while saving travel time and costs.

We also provide the option for our trainers to directly go to our customer’s facility and offer in-house trainings. As ASISTIM has extensive experience offering trainings which fulfill the requirements of the IOSA audit, we recently conducted trainings for MyAirline from Malaysia for their Flight Dispatcher Refresher Trainings.

If you are looking to invest in your company’s future by investing in your employees, contact ASISTIM and we can give you more information about our customizable Refresher Flight Dispatch Trainings.

If you are new to aviation and would like to take advantage of the market demand to hire flight dispatchers, talk to us to know more about our Initial Flight Dispatch Trainings.


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