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Flight Dispatch School in the Philippine

Aviation is vital to the Philippines as it supports 1.2 million jobs and binds the country across 7,000 islands domestically as well as internationally.

As both air carriers and airlines continue to increase their operating capacity, employment in aircraft dispatch are in exceptionally high demand in the aviation job market.

While air traffic in the country is expected to grow, manpower remains a challenge in the industry. Due to the significant workforce deficit, airlines are having difficulty finding qualified new employees quickly. 


Employee training is a crucial part of establishing and strengthening a company from the ground up. 

The most successful businesses understand the importance of each employee to their success and in order to accomplish this, it is not a question, but a requirement, to continuously invest in flight dispatchers' training.


Since its founding in 2007, ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy has trained more than 1700 students and has earned the reputation of being one of the most sought out Flight Dispatch Training Academy internationally.

Our syllabus is based on the ICAO 10106 recommendations, and we have extensive experience offering trainings that meet the requirements of the IOSA audit.
If you would like to know more about which customers we have worked with in the past, please read here.

It is important to note that ASISTIM is a training organization approved by the German Civil Aviation Association as well as from Malaysia, Mongolia and other countries.

We also provide courses at our headquarter facility in Hannover Germany. Our Virtual trainings are especially popular among students who cannot physically come to Germany but wish to receive the same quality training.

It is also possible for our trainer to go to your company facility to give training there as well.

Some of our most sought out courses are Initial Flight Dispatch Training for perspective flight dispatchers new to the field, and Refresher Flight Dispatch Training for experienced Flight Dispatchers who are already working in the field.

According to our customers’ needs, we can modify and tailor our courses, so it can best suit them.

If you are looking to get qualified Flight Dispatch Training for your staff or for yourself, get a free consultation with us, and we would be happy to give you more details so you can make the best decision.


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