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How do I get an Aircraft Dispatcher License / Certificate?

Earning a dispatcher license/certificate approved by the European Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) could help set you apart from the other qualified candidates and get a foot-start into the aviation industry.

Whether you are new to aviation and would like to enter into the field or is looking for a career change, an aircraft dispatcher license could help you learn the overall responsibilities to maintain a safe and efficient flight operation for airline companies.

What is an Aircraft Dispatcher license in Europe?

Previously, each European country issued their own local Flight dispatch license under the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). However under the standardized EU commission guideline, the German dispatch license, although still being offered, is currently no longer a requirement to become a flight dispatcher. This can be good news for people who want to jump start their careers in the aviation field, since the German flight dispatcher license requires 6 months of extensive training, including 14000 hours of course work with a high tuition price tag.


Then, what is a Flight Dispatch Certificate in Europe?

Even though the flight dispatch license is not required, companies still have a need to hire qualified personals, as well as maintain quality control within their organization. This is where the Flight Dispatch Certificate comes into use.

The Flight dispatch certificate is an excellent alternative to the flight dispatch license, which can be attained in order to get trained and prepared for the aviation job market.

How to find the best Airline Dispatcher Academy?

This is probably one of the most important question when considering the Flight Dispatcher Certification in Germany.

Even though it is not mandatory to attain the dispatch license/certificate in Germany, you want to make sure that you attain your training at a certified dispatch academy in order to get the best quality training.

Furthermore, it is important for airline companies to attain the trainings for their employees that fulfil the IOSA audit requirements.

Having been approved by the German CAA (German Civil Aviation Authority), ASISTIM Academy has many years of experience working with not only individuals but also companies who need to receive their training according to the IOSA audit requirements.


Are you interested in attaining a Flight Dispatch certificate from Germany to jump start your aviation career and enhance your knowledge?


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