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Flight Dispatch School in Thailand

It is predicted that Thailand's air transport market will expand by 118 percent during the next 20 years. By 2037, this would result in 89.5 million more passenger travels, providing almost 5.3 million jobs in the market (based on research from IATA).

With the recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic and international travels, the industry had been showing continuous expansion. For instance, investments such as the new terminals at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport valued at $1.9 billion for construction will also contribute in creating more jobs and opportunities.


In times of such growth, airlines are facing the challenge to hire qualified employees as fast as the market is developing.

Ultimately leading to staff shortage, untrained staff, operational difficulty and compromised safety and quality control.

Given the fact that safety is the number one priority in aviation, it is crucial that the staff that you are hiring is qualified, as well as the experienced staff is kept up to date on their knowledge by continuous trainings.

Established in 2008, ASISTIM is a specialized training center for Flight Dispatchers and has trained over 1700 students around the world. 

ASISTIM has been chosen from many companies and government/military organizations for trainings since it has been approved by the German, Malaysian and other country Civil Aviation Authorities.

Whether you are new to aviation or are an experienced flight dispatcher, ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy offers standard and tailored training programs at every level.


Headquartered in Hannover Germany, we provide training at our facility. We also offer Virtual trainings so students can attend our courses in their own location without having to spend resources on travel.

Our trainers also conduct in-house trainings at various company locations of our customers. For more information on our customers and their testimonies, read here.

Having vast expertise providing trainings that satisfy the standards of the IOSA audit, our programs are based on the ICAO 10106 recommendations.


Training and development have become crucial in the airlines sector as it directly concerns the safety and comforts of the passengers.

If you are keen on training your flight dispatchers with the Refresher Flight Dispatch Training, or are new to aviation and would like to take advantage of the market's need to hire flight dispatchers, contact us.



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