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Flight Dispatch School in Vietnam

Vietnam's aviation business is thriving. 
According to the reports from IATA, Over the next 20 years, there will likely be a 178 percent rise in air travel in Vietnam. This would result in 82.2 million extra passengers departing by 2038.

If met, this additional demand would result in 2.4 million jobs.
Vietnam's domestic aviation market is also rebounding at the quickest rate in the world regarding the aftermath of Covid-19.


A booming tourism sector, the emergence of low-cost carriers, and robust economic growth are the main forces behind this development.

The Vietnamese government will also invest approximately $16 billion in Airport infrastructure until 2030 by constructing 6 new airports to increase it to a total of 28 airports (14 international and 14 domestic airports).

However, in order for the aviation industry to grow it is important to hire skilled manpower, so the performance level as well as safety is not compromised.

Currently, the market is hit with a challenge to find skilled staff, with many new starters in the industry not getting the training they require to perform their jobs.


By investing into training, businesses can differentiate themselves from the fierce competition by having competent workers and maintain aviation safety as a top priority.

By no doubt, where is a lack of training, there will be a future lack of competence.

When you make training a priority, it helps reduce the impact of this problem and most importantly, reduce potential human errors and mistakes.

One of the ways to overcome such problems or temporary shortages is to provide training at an experienced training center, where companies can provide their employees with proper certifications, so they will be better prepared to do their tasks.


ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy was founded in 2008 and is approved from both the German CAA and the Malaysian (CAAM), Mongolia and multiple country Civil Aviation Authorities to conduct flight dispatch trainings. 

At our training headquarter in Hannover, Germany, we offer courses with state-of-the-art facilities. As for students who cannot physically travel to Germany yet want to obtain the same high-quality trainings, we also offer virtual trainings, which is highly sought out from our customers in Asia.

It is also feasible for our Instructors to travel to your business' location and conduct training there. Most of our instructors are pilots who have years of experience instructing flight dispatchers and are also working in their profession. This allows the instructors to share knowledge that is often used in the field based on real life experiences.

We also have a Flight Operation Center that is connected to the Academy, which enables us to customize the courses in accordance with the most crucial and fundamental information required for flight dispatchers during operation.

Having our curriculum based on the ICAO 10106 recommendations, ASISTIM is experienced providing trainings that satisfy the standards of the IOSA audit.

Whether you are looking for a Refresher Training Course for your experienced flight dispatchers or an Initial Flight Dispatch Training for new starters.

Do not hesitate to contact us to  learn more about Training options for Flight Dispatchers.  

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