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ASISTIM will provide a customized PPS training for ACM AIR CHARTER.

Aside from providing ACM AIR CHARTER with the Refresher Flight Dispatch Trainings, ASISTIM will also be providing a customized PPS training consisting of a total of 12 hours, over the course of 1.5 days.

Our trainer will be conducting the training at ACM’s office in Rheinmünster, Germany.
The degree of expertise for this course will be tailored to the needs of ACM AIR CHARTER and the attendees will receive a certification from ASISTIM upon a successful completion of the course.

Aside of the PPS training, the training will also cover:


RAD is a common reference document containing the policies, procedures and description for route and traffic orientation.

As RAD is designed as a sole-source flight-planning document, which integrates both structural and ATFCM requirements, geographically and vertically, students will learn how to troubleshoot ATC FPL REJ with the given RAD restriction IDs.

Network Operations Portal (NOP) 
NOP is a collaboration application that enables the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s (NM) operational stakeholders to interact and collaborate with the Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC). 
Students will get familiar with the relevant data from real-time operations such as flight lists, route Catalog, and useful options for a tactical flow management.

Introduction to the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) and its advisories.
North American Routes (NARs) 
North Atlantic High Level Airspace Plannings.


Flight planning software solution combined with valuable training is key to maintain high operational standards. PPS includes free route analysis, global WX updates, NAV updates and core system upgrades.

Ensuring that dispatchers are familiar with the most recent version of PPS and to know to use it effectively enables companies to maintain the competitiveness in the aviation market.

ASISTIM, not only uses the PPS software to manage our own aircraft service, but we also serve as a distribution partner and provide the most recent advanced training for the program.

When utilizing the PPS system for the first time, dispatchers frequently encounter unexpected situations. Through the training offered by ASISTIM, we are able to assist dispatchers in streamlining their workflow and enhancing their performance.

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Graphic source: PPS Flight Planning