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Flight Dispatching Recurrent Modules A, B, and C

ASISTIM is pleased to announce that the students from the following companies—Air Greenland, Airbus, Aero Mongolia, Air Tanzania, e Aviation, Han Air—have successfully completed the Flight Dispatching Recurrent Modules A, B, and C.
These sessions culminated in three weeks of intensive experience exchange at our headquarter in Hanover, Germany and at the online training sessions.


Attending the Dispatch Refresher Program can provide several benefits, including:

NEW EASA Fuel/Energy Scheme

This training program aligns with the NEW EASA Fuel/Energy Policey and the NEW All Weather Operations (AWO) regulations.


Enhancing knowledge and skills:

The course is designed to refresh and update the knowledge and skills of Flight Operations Officers, particularly in the areas of meteorology, navigation, air law, regulations, and dispatch resource management. This can help attendees improve their job performance and ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest industry standards.


Meeting industry requirements:

The course is aligned with the training recommendations for Flight Operations Officers in ICAO doc. 7192-AN/857 Part D-3 and the requirements established by IOSA standards. Attending this course can help airlines ensure that their dispatch staff meet regulatory and operational requirements.


Meeting recurrent training requirements:

The Dispatch Refresher Program is part of a three-part module that covers the complete syllabus within three years. By attending this course, attendees can meet their recurrent training requirements and maintain their qualifications.


The Dispatch Refresher Program is designed for Flight Operations Officers, Dispatchers, and other airline staff working in operations control. The course is tailored to the needs of airline staff and is derived from the daily experience of ASISTIM's own Dispatch Center.

Attending this course can have a significant impact on job performance, as it can help attendees enhance their knowledge and skills, meet industry requirements, and meet recurrent training requirements. As a result, attendees may be better equipped to handle their responsibilities and contribute to the overall success of their airline.


The next Refresher Training schedule is:

27 Nov - 01 Dec : Recurrent Module A

04 Dec - 08 Dec: Recurrent Module B

11 Dec - 15 Dec: Recurrent Module C
For  a customized training course, please do not hesitate to send us an email to explore the possibility of arranging one that meets your specific needs.

For further details and enrollment, kindly refer to our website: