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ASISTIM Flight Dispatch Academy has offered an Initial Crew Control and Crew Planning Training Course for perspective students who would want to start a career as a crew controller.

This 2-week Training course takes place in Hanover, Germany, and prepares participants for the daily challenges and operations that are needed in the Crew Operations Department.


This course is designed to introduce practical standards and methods for Crew Control and Crew Planning and has covered topics such as:

- Introduction / Overview job profile, Airline Organization

- Flight Time Regulations (in accordance to EASA ORO.FTL)

- Rest Periods, Fatigue Risk Management

- Task Management Crew Contact / Crew Control, Task Management Crew Planning

- Airline Software AIMS for Crew Management


What some of our students said about the course:

“This 2 weeks have been a booster on my aviation experience because the Initial Crew Control and Crew Planning Training put me on a higher level of performance in our airline. The instructor, Sarah Getkamp, was incredible and talented. ASISTIM was also a great place. I thank you so much for the organization of this training, and I am looking forward to coming back for the Refresher Course” – Student from RwandAir


The next upcoming Initial Crew Control and Crew Planning Training Course is on March 20th – March 31st, 2023

All the courses are available in our training center in Germany as well as virtually.



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