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Recurrent Flight Dispatch Trainings 2022

Although the weather is getting cold and the year is coming to an end, ASISTIM has been very busy conducting the Recurrent Flight Dispatch Trainings to students from all around the world in November.

With trainings taken place at the classrooms in Hanover, on-site at our customer’s company location or virtually, we are excited to have welcomed our students from X-Fly, Volkswagen Air Service, Airbus, Air Greenland and Tanzania Government Flight Agency, Hayways LLC Armenia, Hahn Air, Wind Rose

The Refreshed Training will cover topics such as:

+ Meteorology
+ Navigation
+ Air Law & Regulations
+ Aircraft Systems
+ Aircraft Performance
+ Mass & Balance
+ Air Traffic management
+ Flight Planning
....and More.

We hope that the knowledge attained in the trainings will enhance the performance of the flight dispatchers, as well as allowing companies to be better prepared for audits.

We thank all of our customers for the trust they place in us.