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Welcome Air Astana

ASISTIM proudly welcomes Air Astana, the national airline of Kazakhstan, to its Crew Control and Crew planning Course. The training was successfully completed with outstanding results, as everyone in the class passed with flying scores.

The two-week Crew Control and Crew Planning Course provided comprehensive training program covering the fundamental topics of crew-operational management and includes theoretical expertise, practical application examples, and agile working methodologies.

The course provided the students the principles of crew control and crew planning, as well as the necessary skills and to excel in the role, and upon completion the participants obtained the ASISTIM Certification.

Air Astana, with a contemporary fleet of over 43 aircraft, is renowned for its exceptional safety record and customer service, and has received numerous awards, including the "Best Airline in Central Asia and India." ASISTIM is grateful for Air Astana's trust in providing their aviation training, and hopes their experience was both enjoyable and enriching.

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